MEET & SPEAK, in collaboration with Citylife Madrid, is a great way to meet new people while improving your language skills. Every Thursday international people come together to learn about each other’s languages and cultures in a social & fun environment. 

If you like meeting new people, speaking and practicing different languages, making new friends or just would like to enjoy a drink & FREE tapas in a nice international atmosphere, come down and join us at the SOHO CLUB – Bar & Lounge !


FURTHER DETAILS: Live the Madrid way with tapas and cheap drink prices! Stop by and enjoy:
✘ A selection of delicious tapas (e.g. Tortilla de Patata, Morcilla, Bocadillitos, Jamón, etc.)
✘ Cheap drink prices
✘ Special surprise activities (like free wine tasting from time to time)
✘ A relaxing international atmosphere with fun and interesting people. See you Thursdays!
Your Meet & Speak team

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Cambridge Soho Club. Plaza de España, 6. Metro Plaza de España.

If you have a DMM card:

Enjoy discounted specials on drinks, finger food, brunch, breakfast and appetizers