This sports center is located right in the center of Madrid. They offer a range of activities including aerobic, step, pilates, yoga, karate, body pump, combat, attack, balance, body tonic, latino, fitness, weight-lifting, spinning, etc…

Phone number: 914 48 04 60


With the DMM membership
 3-month membership that includes access to the fitness area + cardio area + all classes = 120 euros. DMM members that sign up for a membership in the Chamberi Gym will receive a daily towel for free. The gym also organizes one free class per month exclusively for DMM members.

Work out everywhere in Madrid!  Do you want to get / stay in shape during your time abroad? You prefer a flexible contract duration? We’ve got a deal for you:

1. No registration fee required! Save between 19 and 40€ of registration fee with this voucher

2. Come and go as you please! Flexible contract duration if you select “Tarifa Flex”. All other offers are also available and you will also save the registration fee.

3. Only 19,90 to 25,99€ per month!


Simply download and print out the Basicfit voucher. During the registration process, please show the voucher and your Disfruta Madrid Discount card. The voucher is only valid in combination with the card! Although the voucher specifically mentiones “Tarifa Flex”, you will be able to choose from all offers saving the registration fee (matrícula). If you choose the “Tarifa Flex” option, you will need to have a Spanish bank account (check out for more information on how to open a free Spanish bank account at Banco Sabadell). If you have any questions, send us an email to Enjoy your workouts!

Fitness Centres:

There are lots of Basic-Fit centres in Madrid:

- CAlle Atocha 24

- Calle Antonio López 67

- Calle Orense 67

- Avenida del Albufera 153

- Paseo de la Florida 11

- Calle Fuencarral 126

- Calle Condesa de Venadito 1

- Calle Goya Esquina Núñez de Balboa 35

- Calle Marcelo Usera dos

- calle Doctor Esquerdo 219

- calle Toledo 142

Check here ( to find the closest one to your home.

Opening Hours:

Check here ( to see the opening hours.





The Centro El Patio is a multidisciplinary center offering artistic and sporting activities. Located in the Tribunal area of Madrid, the instructors at El Patio are professionals in dance, yoga, Pilates, and more.

More information here.

Extra for DMM members
When presenting the membership card, DMM members receive a 10% discount off the price of all classes and activities offered at the center. El Patio organizes exclusive activities for DMM every month at a cost of 5 € per activity.



Do you want to get / stay in shape during your time abroad? We’ve got a deal for you:

1. No registration fee required! Save around 30€ registration fee with this voucher.

2. Come and go as you please! Flexible contract duration.

3. Only 22€ per month!


Simply download and print out the voucher During the registration process, please show the voucher and your Disfruta Madrid Discount card.  Enjoy your workouts!

Fitness Centres:

1. Fitup Conde de Miranda 1

C/ Conde de Miranda 1, Madrid

2. Fitup Núñez de Balboa

C/ Núñez de Balboa 115, Madrid

3. Fitup Castellana – Cuzco

C/ Sor Angela de la Cruz 24, Madrid

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday from 7.00 to 23.00
Saturday from 9.00 to 20.00
Sunday from 9.00 a 15.00





Atletico de Madrid, along with Real Madrid, is one of the most important teams in the city. The team was founded in 1903 in the Vicente Calderón stadium.

More info here

With the DMM membership

DMM members will have up to 40% discount on select games this season that are publicated in the DMM newsletter. Games not listed in the newsletter will not include discounts.


The Movistar Estudiantes Basketball Club is one of the most famous pro basketball teams in Spain: They have participated in every season of the National Basketball League since they were first founded and have won four World Cup championships plus were named the Subchampions of the league four times.
More info here.

With the DMM membership
Discounted Tickets, 6 euros, in the upper lateral sections. You can purchase your ticket at the Estudiantes box office on Calle Serrano, 129 (Polideportivo Magariños), from Monday – Friday 09:30h a 14:00 and from 16:00h a 19:00h, and Fridays 09:30h a 15:00h..

Founded in 1999, offers a different way of discovering the city… on wheels! It’s an up close and original way to site see through the cities monuments, plazas, and its own cyclists. With Trixi bikes you can enjoy a direct and captivating experience!

More info here.

With the DMM membership card
  • Enjoy 20 % off bicis bike rentals just by showing your DMM card.

Another curious and surprising way to explore Madrid:  hop on a segway!

More info here.

With the DMM membership card
  • DMM members who present their card at the Madrid Segway office before purchasing a 1h tour ticket, will be able to participate in the Segway tour of 1h at only 15€ instead of 25€! Reserve your spot now via:

Rutas Pangea is a business that specializes in “active tourism” activities and environmental education. DMM and Rutas Pangea organize sporting activities exclusively for members, including hiking and biking routes of Madrid and its surrounding areas.

More info here.

With the DMM membership card
Members receive a 20% discount off bike rental and all activities offered by Rutas Pangea.

El centro El Horno was opened in 1994. Today, you can find everything you’re looking for in regards to leisure activities. The sports center offers more than 60 types of classes including classes of dance styles from around the world, relaxation, theater, martial arts, and much more. In addition, El Horno also has rooms dedicated to bodybuilding, group activities, and massages.

More info here

With the DMM membership
  • DMM members do not pay the initial sign-up fee to join the gym or attend parties.
  • DMM members receive one free class to any session whose original price is 5 euros.  



¡Go to the biggest football store of the world! All official Champions League and Spanish La Liga clubs shirts, more tan 1000 new football boots, museum zone, replica trophies and every imaginable kind of football related product. Futbolmania makes all football lovers happy.

More info here

With the DMM membership
  • Enjoy 8-30% discounts on FUTBOLMANIA products at select stores who accredit the DMM card. 

For bowling fans of all levels. La Bolera de Chamartín is open to all the public. The most important thing: Come ready to have fun!

More info here

With the DMM membership
  • Monday – Sunday until 16:00H: 5 euros a person. Includes one game, shoe rental, and one drink consumption.
  • Monday – Sunday after 21:00H: 4 euros a game, FREE shoe rental.
  • Monday – Sunday between 16:00-21:00H: 10% off each game.

Any day or time enjoy:

  • Hamburger and drink meal: 6,5 euros.
  • Mini beers: 30 % discount, 4,5 euros.